Dale Teahan


Dale was born and raised in Rochester, NY, where he watched and learned from his father, an expert in bakery sales and supply. Dale quickly realized an affinity for the bakery business. He earned an Associate’s degree in business and marketing which helped accelerate his career with some of the largest food manufacturers in the world. Now, with over 40 years of experience in bakery supply and manufacturing, Dale is living his vision of providing a superior product to local bakeries, as wells as international clients and distributors.

From: Rochester, NY

Favorite G&I Creation: “The High Gloss Chocolate Icing is my favorite. There’s nothing better than a donut with our HG Chocolate. It has incredible flavor and sets perfectly on the donut.”


Arlene Teahan

Owner & Vice President

Arlene studied business administration and marketing at Monroe Community College. After that, she acquired her bakery supply and manufacturing expertise while working at Pennant Food Products early in her career. As an original owner and partner, Arlene helped to create and build the current G&I operational infrastructure.  Arlene’s pride and joy lies with her three adult children and nine grandchildren. With all the family local to G&I headquarters, she spends virtually all her free time with the family at a range of events and activities.

From: Buffalo, NY

Favorite G&I Creation: “Lemon Drop Filling in a donut. The smooth and delicious flavor reminds me of all the lemon-flavored goodies I used to love as a child. It takes me back every time I taste it.”

VP of Production

Dana Teahan

VP of Production

Dana is a 3rd generation bakery supplier and manufacturer. He has spent the last 17 years acquiring expertise in delivering superior bakery products. As an original member of the G&I team, he has played a critical role in the development of G&I’s product line, operations and management.

Dana spends his free time with his wife and two children. He is an avid trail runner and participates in multiple ultra-marathon races each year.

From: Littleton, Colorado

Favorite G&I Creation: “I love a donut with G&I’s Velvet Rich Chocolate Icing with our Banana Crème Filling. The smooth icing combined with the rich, creamy filling are a match made in heaven.”


Mark Masten, MBA


Mark studied at Arizona State University, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Finance and a Master’s in Business Administration. He spent 17 years in the banking business learning the functions of finance for large corporations as well as small business. Mark is the newest addition to the G&I team joining in 2018. He is also an enlisted engineer soldier in the US Army, currently in reserve status.

Mark spends his free time with his wife and three children. He spends his time outdoors with the family, on the golf course, or ranching/hunting.

From: Austin, TX

Favorite G&I Creation: “I can’t resist a red velvet cake with our European Style Cream Cheese Icing. It’s rich, smooth and they just don’t make cakes big enough for me to get enough of that icing.”

VP of Purchasing

Brian Zurliene

VP of Purchasing & Logistics

Brian spent the first 15 years of his career in the turf industry, working on some of the most prestigious golf courses in the country. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from San Diego State University, and an additional Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Horticulture from Colorado State University. He made a career change coming to G&I Products in 2014. He quickly became an expert in all aspects of the business as he facilitated the growth and success of production, sales and logistics.

Brian spends his free time with his wife and four children. Attending spring training baseball games and golf tournaments is a family tradition for the Zurlienes.

From: Erie, Colorado

Favorite G&I Creation: “My favorite G&I product is the Cobbler Topping over vanilla ice cream. All four of my children absolutely love it, so we keep a steady supply on hand in our home.”

Director of R

Venky Narayanaswamy, PhD

Director of R&D

Venky earned a Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, India. He also earned a Master’s degree and PhD in Food Science from Utah State University. With 24 years of food science experience, Venky was a critical addition to the G&I team back in 2016. He is an expert in creating, enhancing and maintaining the quality of G&I’s product line.

Venky spends his free time with his family, including his wife and 2 high school age children. He is an avid photographer and tennis player.

From: Mumbai, India

Favorite G&I Creation: “The Cream Cheese Filling. The smooth texture and great taste make a world class Danish.”

QA Manager

Osbaldo Ordaz

QA Manager

Ozzy has spent his entire career acquiring expertise in food quality and assurance. He earned a Certificate in Nutrition, Diet and Health Sciences from Ashworth College, as well as a Certificate in Food Safety and Sanitation for Food Manufacturers from Penn State. With over 14 years of food manufacturing-wuality experience, Ozzy is committed to building cGMP, SOP policies and procedures for an overall safe and uncompromised quality product.

Ozzy spends his free time going to parks and riding bikes with his three children.

From: Anaheim, California

Favorite G&I Creation: “That’s an easy one. The Cinnamon Icing reminds me of the taste of my mother’s cinnamon coffee when I was a kid. I can’t resist it.”