Covid-19 Action Plan

March 16, 2020 RE: COVID-19
G&I Products is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and continues to follow guidance provided by the CDC and other regulatory agencies.

Effective immediately, we’ve increased the frequency of our already strict cleaning procedures at high touch point areas in our facility for example door handles, front counters, seating areas including chairs in every office at G&I Products. We’ve also enhanced hand hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing, and reemphasized the importance of our company procedures and protocols.
These steps will; (1) better protect our Team Members and (2) ensure we continue to serve our customers with a safe quality food.

As part of our sanitation processes, we will meet the CDC’s ‘Interim recommendations for US Community Facilities with Suspected/Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019’ on how to clean and sanitize the impacted facilities and will continue to do so: ncov/community/organizations/cleaning-disinfection.html

We will also adhere to OSHA’s guidance on preparing workplaces for COVID-19.

1. To create greater social distancing, employees who work in remote work capable roles will be encouraged to work remotely, when feasible, and at manager’s discretion. By limiting traffic in our facilities, this measure lowers the risk of exposure for employees who do not work in remote capable roles.

2. Employees are required to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet from co-workers and visitors. When this is not possible, a physical barrier, such as a face mask should be worn.

All visitors will be required to complete a Visitor Health Questionnaire.

3. Where workspaces are shared, we will continue to enforce greater personal hygiene and sanitation measures. Employees will be required to wash/sanitize and or wear gloves on before and after use of any equipment.

4. All G&I Products non-essential business travel is cancelled until further notice.

5. All non-essential customer visits, and capital improvement projects should be postponed until further notice.

a. All tours and audits need to be approved by G&I Products Leadership Team at least 48 hours prior to arriving at the site.

6. We will work with G&I Products contractors/suppliers/delivery drivers to ensure they have adequate protocols in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and adhere to our procedures and policy’s when onsite.

7. Visitors/employees/delivery drivers are required to advise management if they have knowingly been exposed to anyone {including family or friends outside of work) who has
tested positive for COVID-19 or if they are exhibiting virus symptoms {Fever, Cough, shortness of breath).

8. If a G&I Products employee is required to quarantine by the Company or by a government agency, the employee will receive up to two weeks of paid sick leave and absences during that time will not be counted against our attendance policy. G&I Products will work with employees in reviewing each case individually, ensuring consistency and fairness across all departments.

9. Under our current crisis management plan, should we become aware of exposure in any of our facilities, we will move to take immediate corrective action and limit further exposure. Corrective actions may include shutting down operations in the exposed area, sending all non-essential staff home, providing guidance on testing protocols and procedures, and implementing CDC compliant sanitation and quarantine measur es. Unless advised otherwise by a government agency, normal operations for the zone and/or facility will resume, and all employees will be allowed to return to onsite work once the Company is confident risk has been mit igated.

10. Should an operational disruption become significant, we will work with impacted customers to prioritize workloads.

11. We will comply with any and all government mandates regarding the virus.

Our first priority is the health of our employees and customers therefore, we will continue to work closely with regulatory officials and adjust our crisis management plan as needed to best protect the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers.